Children’s Coding and Technology Focus Group- June 15

COME JOIN OUR Children’s Coding and Technology Focus Group!

See your child develop their social skills with physical activities combined with exposure to the latest interactive coding and robotic technology.

We are looking for CHILD volunteers aged 6-12 to participate in a Cosmic Coders focus group. Cosmic Coders is a local Calgary coding program, looking to provide a progressive coding curriculum for children. Our team consists of engineers and specialists within the areas of computer science and clinical research. Our motto is “Have Fun, Learn Lots, Be Creative”

Your child will explore the Cosmic Coders 4 Pillars of Focus:

  • Creativity – How to push the boundaries of imagination to develop new ideas.
  • Critical Thinking – How to absorb and synthesize information in order to problem solve, and in some instances, to think outside of the box.
  • Social Development – How to positively interact with their peers and the world around them. To utilize teamwork to tackle problems and obstacles.
  • Technological Knowledge – How to interact with and use current technology in a positive and productive manner.

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