Wildwood Community Centre

MARCH 23rd TO 27th, 2020

Camp Location

Wildwood Community Centre

4411 Spruce Dr SW

Calgary, AB

T3C 3B1


Camp Hours

Start: 9:00 AM and End: 4:00 PM

* Extended care available for drop-off (8:00am-9:00am) and pick-up (4:00pm-5:00pm) at an additional fee


There are now 5 LEVELS of visual block coding skills.  The instructors will choose the student’s starting level based on their comprehension and every student can LEVEL-UP at their own pace.  Lesson plans are designed to challenge a broad range of skills and knowledge.

Camp Package options

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$400 for 5 Days

Early-Bird 10% Off Discount
Expires Feb 29th, 2020

Morning (Monday – Thursday): 

  • Social Activities
  • Coding Lessons
  • Snacks Break*
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Coding Lessons
  • Lunch Break*

Afternoon (Monday – Thursday):

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Robotics Lessons
  • Snack Break*
  • Outdoor Activities
  • STEM Lessons

* Bring your own snack & lunch

Last Day (Friday):

  • Finishing Capstone Project
  • Lunch Pizza Party**
  • Capstone Showcase at 3:00 pm for Parents
  • Award Ceremony including certificate and memorable swag

** Pizzas, Pops and Juices Provided

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$100 each Day

Each Drop-In Session:

  • Daily Schedule follows the same as the Galaxy Package.
  • Student’s lesson plans will be adjust for individual progression and comprehension level.
  • Parents are welcome to stay to learn with the student.
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$40 each Day

Each Day:

  • Receive an extra hour of care BEFORE Class starts.
  • Receive an extra hour of care AFTER Class finishes.
  • Drop-Off at 8:00 am
  • Pick-Up at 5:00 pm
  • Student’s extra time may be used for personal acceleration within the program.

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