Wildwood Community Centre

JULY 13th TO 17th, 2020

Dalhousie Community Centre

AUGUST 10th TO 14th, 2020

Camp Locations

Wildwood Community Centre

4411 Spruce Dr SW

Calgary, AB

T3C 3B1


Dalhousie Community Centre

5432 Dalhart Road NW

Calgary, AB

T3A 1V6


Camp Hours

Start: 9:00 AM and End: 4:00 PM

* Extended care available for drop-off (8:00am-9:00am) and pick-up (4:00pm-5:00pm) at an additional fee


There are now 5 LEVELS of visual block coding skills.  The instructors will choose the student’s starting level based on their comprehension and every student can LEVEL-UP at their own pace.  Lesson plans are designed to challenge a broad range of skills and knowledge.

Camp Package options

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$400 for 5 Days

Early-Bird 10% Off Discount
Expires June 30th, 2020

Morning (Monday – Thursday): 

  • Social Activities
  • Coding Lessons
  • Snacks Break*
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Coding Lessons
  • Lunch Break*

Afternoon (Monday – Thursday):

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Robotics Lessons
  • Snack Break*
  • Outdoor Activities
  • STEM Lessons

* Bring your own snack & lunch

Last Day (Friday):

  • Finishing Capstone Project
  • Lunch Pizza Party**
  • Capstone Showcase at 3:00 pm for Parents
  • Award Ceremony including certificate and memorable swag

** Pizzas, Pops and Juices Provided

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$100 each Day

Each Drop-In Session:

  • Daily Schedule follows the same as the Galaxy Package.
  • Student’s lesson plans will be adjust for individual progression and comprehension level.
  • Parents are welcome to stay to learn with the student.
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$40 each Day

Each Day:

  • Receive an extra hour of care BEFORE Class starts.
  • Receive an extra hour of care AFTER Class finishes.
  • Drop-Off at 8:00 am
  • Pick-Up at 5:00 pm
  • Student’s extra time may be used for personal acceleration within the program.

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