We believe that coding is a fundamental language to future influencers.  The skills they learn today will support and innovate every aspect of tomorrow’s industries: Science; Technology; Engineering; Art; Mathematics; Medicine.

The work environment has become more collaborative based.  We focus our programs to nurture the social aspect of learning and achieving goals together.  Positive communication and team work are the cornerstone to building successful individuals for the future.

Pillars of Focus


Incorporating excitement, fun, and entertainment are only one part of our winning formula.  We strive for material comprehension, through level-based competencies assessments.  Your child can work at their own pace with all the support of our well-trained instructors.  From private classes to group sessions, your child will enjoy learning the fundamentals from us.

Programs and Languages

  • Visual Block Coding

    • Scratch

    • OzoBlocky

    • Lego Mindstorm
  • Interactive Technology

    • Ozobot Evo & Sphero Mini

    • Lego Mindstorm EV3

    • Raspberry Pi

  • Text-Based Programming

    • Python

    • Java / HTML

    • C++ / C#


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