Have Fun. Learn Lots. Be Creative!

Cosmic Coders is a coding school and camp programs for children ages 6 to 12 based in Calgary, AB. Our motto is “Have fun, Learn Lots, Be Creative”, in which we try to incorporate in all facets of our program. The Cosmic Coders team creates a safe, fun, and social environment where kids can learn the fundamentals of coding.


Our goal is to not only teach kids to code, but to build a community of creative thinkers and to facilitate their development through the Cosmic Coders’ 4 Pillars of Focus.



To push the boundaries of imagination to develop new ideas.

Critical Thinking

To absorb and synthesize information in order to problem solve, and in some instances, to think outside of the box.

Social Development

To positively interact with their peers and the world around them. To utilize teamwork to tackle problems and obstacles.

Technological Knowledge

To interact with and use current technology in a positive and productive manner.

Our Programs

Our programs offer exciting, project-based lessons that empower kids with the academic, social, and emotional skills to help them reach their fullest potential. Our team has a passion for childhood education, a knack for problem solving, and a passion to create a world class experience for kids to be exposed to coding and technology.

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Are you a student in Computer Science or Engineering who has had experience as a Camp Instructor, Teacher/Teacher-Assistant or have worked with kids in the past?  Do you understand computer coding and enjoy playing fun educational games with children? 


Cosmic Coders is a new and exciting coding program for children ages 6 to 12 based in the Calgary, AB. We are looking for qualified and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for coding and creativity to join our team and help inspire students’ creativity in coding.  Successful delivery and satisfaction from students’ feedback will potentially give you a permanent part-time position to instruct our evening/weekend coding classes. 


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